Do you believe in UFO?

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Do you believe in UFO?

Yes, I saw them
Yes, I believe but didnt saw them
No votes
Maybe yes, maybe no
I'm will not believe before I will not seen them
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No, all videos and photos with UFO is fake!
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Do you believe in UFO?

Post by AllohaRat » Mon Nov 12, 2012 7:06 pm

Hello to all!

Do you believe in UFO?
(In UFO I mean extraterrestrials)

I hope for serious answers, it's need for social project

Thank you all.

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Re: Do you believe in UFO?

Post by Ceta » Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:02 pm

With all the videos on YouTube nowadays, it can be hard to tell sometimes whether you're looking at something someone edited together or if it's the real thing. However, with how vast the universe is and how many planets there are, it's not really possible to say that life on other planets is impossible/doesn't exist and that, if there is, they are not more advanced than we are since we don't have any concrete evidence to say one way or the other. While I do have some skepticism because of the vast amount of "sighting" videos there are floating around the internet, I don't deny the existence of extraterrestrial life/UFOs.

On a side-note, my experience goes only as far as YouTube and the internet; I've never seen a UFO first-hand and, in a way, hope that I never do. As one person put it (it was a very famous person, but I forget who it was; Stephen Hawking, perhaps?), if aliens do come to this planet, it's most likely not going to be in peace.

**EDIT: Found the article: ... -resources

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Re: Do you believe in UFO?

Post by Peptalk » Thu Mar 28, 2013 5:26 pm

i say its not whether or not you believe because think of it this way: if we go to another planet with life on it it means WE are the UFO's; so, why way you think they don't exist....


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