Manga Artists Wanted.

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Manga Artists Wanted.

Post by Mancraw » Tue Nov 27, 2012 3:46 am

Hello my name is James, ok I'm not going to be a robot. So I need at-least one manga artist I have my eye on one but if anyone wants to apply that is fine. So the story that I'm aiming to do I already wrote the first two chapters on reddit, of course It would need to be displayed differently in manga form which I would much rather have it in. Since I'm not much of a manga artist more of a cartoony guy I can't display the story properly. So please help.

Chapter 1: ... medydrama/

Now you could be thinking 'DEAR GOD! it's a body swap manga!' which could be good or bad but I don't intend for this to be pervy or mest up I like a good story and I most certainly will create one.

These are my first attempts at truly writing so they may not be super amazing (To be honest I came up with it as I wrote which I hope not to do in the future)

Chapter 2: ... amacomedy/

Ok so if you read chapter two he does see her nude in a way I do not like nudity in mangas so it would be censored somehow.

Contact me at it would be easier.
Thanks, James

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