Best anime Movies?

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Best anime Movies?

Post by Sacha » Wed Feb 01, 2006 10:01 am

A while ago I decided for myself to stop collecting Anime-series and concentrate more on anime-movies.

Now I was wandering what is the best anime movie you have seen?

My top 5 is:

1. Nausicaa and the valley of wind
2. Akira
3. Venus wars
4. Princess Mononoke
5. How's moving castle

I know.. 3 Ghibli movies in my top 5, but thei're just so damn good!!

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Post by Jamz » Wed Feb 01, 2006 5:43 pm

damn i dont even think ive seen 5 anime movies

1. Akira
2. Spirited away
3. Ghost in the Shell
4. Gundam Wing Endless Waltes?
5. The End of Evangelion (the end is worse then the anime ending =__=; dont watch it unless you want a brain fuck)
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Post by Az » Wed Feb 01, 2006 6:37 pm

I should really watch evangelion, too see if it's as complicated as people say.
Then again, maybe people are just dumb

Top Five:

1. Spirited Away
2. Tonari no Totoro
3. Laputa; Castle in the Sky
4. Full Metal Alchemist: the conqueror of Shambala
5. Metropolis
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Post by Brickwallfish » Wed Feb 01, 2006 11:38 pm

Argh choosing 5 out of a lot :S I'd guess it be something like:

1. Beyond the Clouds
2. neon genisis evangelion
3. Nausicaa
4. Akira
5. Appleseed (2004)

Though it varies from time to time.

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Post by Bee-chan » Sun Feb 19, 2006 3:25 pm

1) The Grave of the Fireflies
2) Akira
3) Vampire Hunter D *it's a tie between both Vampire Hunter D movies*
4) Mononoke Hime
5) My Neighbor Totoro

Wow, I'm noticing that most of these are Miyazaki films, but who's complaining? The guy and his crew are fantastic story tellers and animators!

I'd have to add one more movie to that which I just saw two mornings ago. Entertained the heck out of me.. the Prince of Tennis movie! X3 They went SERIOUSLY over the top with the Seigaku players signature moves. Right down to the over the top tennis match between Ryoma and Ryoga at the end!

It was way too much fun. X3


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Post by rabid panda » Fri Feb 24, 2006 4:12 am

1. Lupin the 3rd - Castle of Caglisostro
2. ninja Scroll
3. ghost in the shell
4. transformers the movie
5. kiks delivery service

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Post by Reanni_Tamairi » Thu Mar 16, 2006 4:53 pm

Let's see... 8)

1. Spirited Away (Could be replaced by the most recent Miyazaki film)
2. Inuyasha Movie 2 (soon to be replaced by number 3)
3. Hmmm... Idk.... I.. Uh... Hm... IDK!!!!
4. Again... DK..
5. dk...

but, at number 27. Inuyasha Movie 1 (DUDE IT SUKD!)

However, to be added... Nausicaa (I got it LAST easter and I still haven't seen it. :shock: :shock: :shock: )
Inuyasha Movie 3 (I want to see it soooo bad! :cry: :cry: )
FMA: Conqueror of Shambala (want to see)
Howl's Moving Castle (My friends say I NEED to see it)
Oh, and um... Let's see... I want to see any good anime movie

Whoa, a top 4 must see anime movies! Well, that I want to see, at least.

Yay! :idea: :idea: :idea:

what if I put ramen in the fridge??

:shock: :shock: :shock:
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Post by dynastysat » Thu Mar 16, 2006 7:37 pm

i haven't seen very much anime, but i have just finished 2x2 shinobuden ^^really kickass stupid shit ~~ now iam watching bleach really neat btw!

1 2x2 shinobuden
2 Hellsing ( or shit )
3 spirited away ( have not finished watching )
4 bleach ( since i just started )
5 naruto ( just an hour of it XD )

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Post by nikon » Thu Mar 16, 2006 10:11 pm





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Post by bloodyspasm » Wed Mar 22, 2006 8:17 am

why do people think akira is so good? I've watched it three times know, and I'm not really a fan, it didn't give me something new (felt like the story was done before just in another way) and there's wasn't enough spectacular action to make up for the lack of an interesting storyline.

the animatrix probably doesn't count as a movie, because it's just different scenes in different drawing styles, but I did like it.

fullmetal alchemist the movie was awesome, too bad the subs where screwed up for like 1/7th of the movie.

ghost in the shell 1 and 2...the first one was decent, a bit entertaining, but it didn't bring me somethingnew either, graphical 2 was better but I have a version with no subs, so I can't even make a judgement on it.

and I have yet to watch spirited away, can't find a downloadable version with subs...

and too dynastysat, when you're watching bleach, stop at epidode 60 or so, it really goes downhill from there and storywise , you won't miss a thing, I promise...I'm gonna start watching bleach again when the story gets better (I'll know when my friends tell me, they're bleach fanatics)


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Post by sixtem » Thu Apr 06, 2006 2:32 am

bloodyspasm wrote:ghost in the shell 1 and 2...the first one was decent, a bit entertaining, but it didn't bring me somethingnew either, graphical 2 was better but I have a version with no subs, so I can't even make a judgement on it.
Because you probably didn't get the underlying themes. That, or didn't find them interesting.

1. Jin-Roh
2. Akira
3. Ghost in the Shell 1&2
4. Princess Mononoke (simple, but good)

I dunno on the others.

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fav movies?

Post by hippysrmyfriends » Sun Apr 30, 2006 11:30 pm

hmm lets see...
(in no specific order)
Princess Mononoke, Spirted Away, escaflowne the movie, akira, ghost in the shell, steamboy, pale cocoon (short film in japanese that i found in chinatown in nyc, its quite good), anything else by hayo miyazaki, or ne manga by masamune shirow that has been turned into a movie, lol thats bout it for movies...


Post by Darling » Thu Jul 17, 2008 2:24 pm

where anime movies are concerned, miyazaki's always comes first :roll:

for me, 'The girl who leapt through time' beats all.

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Post by Ceta » Fri Jul 18, 2008 1:53 pm

For me, of course Miyazaki's stuff is top. Other movies I really like:

--> Cowboy Bebop
--> Initial D 3rd Stage
--> Bleach: Memories of Nobody
--> Naruto Shippuuden

I also like Disney movies. Although they're not anime, they're great.

Anime movies that I want to see:

--> Lupin III: Green vs. Red
--> Naruto Shippuuden: Bond
--> 崖の上のポニョ (The Cliff-top's Ponyo)

I'm sure there are more, but I've been pretty behind on what's been coming out due to work. Probably be hitting up the DVD rental place quite a bit since summer break has now started. ^_^

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Post by Dominion » Mon Jul 21, 2008 9:37 am

I like Miyazaki's movies, don't get me wrong, but I don't think they're amazing. All of you are acting like fanboys (and girls) :P

I've got to say, Akira is also pretty mediocre at best as well.

I guess I'm a little biased as I prefer Manga over anime and for that reason, I also don't think I could name my favourite 5 anime movies.

My favourite Miyazaki movie is Princess Mononoke though.
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