Artists wanted for Reaper Project

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Artists wanted for Reaper Project

Post by reaperproject » Thu Apr 04, 2013 8:28 am

The Reaper project is a collaborative effort to write a graphic novel/manga series with the "Reapers" as the antagonists. If it comes to publication any payout would be divided equally among all participants in the project.
We need Artists. Any writers that may be interested are welcome to inquire as well.

The project is still very fresh and anything posted as to the plot may change as writing progresses and the plot takes full form.

Artist should expect to draw a lot of mixed race human soldiers male and female, a variety of weapons, some energy based beings, and military vehicles and equipment. Stipulation on human characters, especially females, is that they are anatomically correct and main characters must match description. Expect a lot of light grey uniforms with red trim and UN patches on one arm for training uniforms, and combat uniforms are camouflage based on the environment.

Synopsis: Energy based inter-dimensional beings resembling reapers cross into our dimension every 4-5 years and cause havoc. Traditional weapons have no effect, and only specialized soldiers who are fused with energy from the beings can actually engage and destroy them. The trade off for the fusion is having a 3 year life expectancy in combat, if they do survive there is still a greatly shortened life span, and the possibility the energy will contaminate them and cause mental instability and mutations for the remainder of their lives. The main character is a male soldier still in training and learning to use the energy fusion weapons, all the while bringing hope to the other soldiers around him even when they think there is no future.

Themes: Hope, Sacrifice, Love

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