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Otoru Tsuyo: Animators/Artists Needed

Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2015 6:09 pm
by TsuyuProject
Recently (Past 3-4 Months) I've been working on a project (Otoru Tsuyo) for an Anime and need some artists.
Before I get started I would like to say this will be a paid group collaboration, (I will be paying people with x% of profit earned).
The Story is set in a Slice Of Life/Comedy sort of way. (Slice of Life was the most popular choice to others, and personally I've loved every Slice Of Life I've seen.)
The Story is based on 4 exceptionally brilliant kids, who's ages ranging from 12-16 set in a modern college scene.
As it is Slice of Life there is no real goal for them to reach, but will progress over getting past hard points.
As this is set in college, artists will need to be able to use electronic drawing software and be able to draw some of the aspects needed; Bikes, Chibi, Mass People, Close-Ups, Cars, Lockers, and in some cases Fight Scenes.

If You Have Any Questions, Fire Away. Also if you would like to play a part of the project besides an Animator we will gladly accept.