Seeking Artist for Swashbuckling Seinen Manga Collaboration

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Seeking Artist for Swashbuckling Seinen Manga Collaboration

Post by danielking2210 » Sat Jan 24, 2015 9:14 pm

Title: Endless Skies: The Nautilus
Genre: Seinen, "Steam Opera"
Style: Seinen, Cowby Bebop, Trigun-esque.
Length of Project: 28 Chapters, 30-40 pages each (So far. I'm currently plotting and developing a 2nd and possibly/probably a 3rd "season"!)
Expectations (for completion/schedule): Would discuss with artist to see what would be most effective
Compensation (commission or collaboration): Collaboration that I plan on publishing on the web and possibly/probably in print, so a 50/50 deal would be arranged.
Short Summary: Set in a fictional steampunk world. An infamous, rogue, but likeable sky pirate, with a score of bounties on his head seeks revenge on a fellow pirate who betrayed him, killing his whole crew and 6 month pregnant fiancee, but failing to kill him due to a freak, unfortunate accident (at least he, at first, sees it as unfortunate). He assembles another crew, years later, after recovering from a gunshot wound to the head and finding out the antagonist is currently searching for a long lost treasure, Black Beard himself the only to have known it's location (though he never got to it as the Imperials hung, drew, and quartered him before he could). A treasure of mythical power. A treasure said to be from the gods themselves. He and his crew must overcome the Imperial government, which has outlawed piracy under penalty of death; the protagonist's various histories (bad blood) with other pirates; other pirate crews searching for the treasure as well; and his own, deeply, and immensely dark past, one that he has long been trying to escape for fear it will consume him. Main Themes: Camaraderie, Desire for Salvation/Retribution/Redemption, Representation of LGBT characters as more important to the story than just their sexual/romantic orientation, The evils of Imperialism, Love as a vagrant (Only the very best pirates live long, and even then, not for that long for obvious reasons)
Character designs, links to examples, and extra, pertinent information: Artist must be able to draw steampunk-esque things (skyships steam-powered cities, floating cities, clothing, weapons, etc.), explosions, heavy fighting scenes, some sexy characters (nothing too explicit), intimate romantic scenes (it is a "steam opera" after all :lol: ), some fantasy creatures and slightly fantastical races, needs good ability with skyships that use sails and floatation devices (blimps, thrusters, etc). I have illustrations I've done of the main characters that I can give as reference.

Any other questions anyone might have, just ask! :D

P.S. I plan on trying to have it made into a full animation series (since I first started writing it as a screenplay for animation).

P.S.S. I'm new to this site and manga creation in general, so please be kind :D :P

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