Seeking Artists - Fantasy

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Seeking Artists - Fantasy

Post by Ohenoki » Sat Apr 26, 2014 2:08 pm

I have been googling around and trying to find the right kind of place and believe I may have found it. I'm looking for some assistance/collaborators/artists etc etc. Don't worry, I'll explain things properly bit at a time.

If anything below interests anyone, feel from the PM or post below. Ask any questions you wish as well, more than happy to answer.

I would like to see your art style before I say yes to anything. I won't know exactly what I am after until I see it, but it will need to bring out the best in the story. For the book covers though I will need extremely quality work, in a realistic fashion, maybe something similar to Breaker.

1. Book Cover

I am looking for someone to do a better book cover than I did and try and convey the story in something that makes people want to read it. I won't post any links as I am only new, but google "Monok's Bones" and you should find my book/cover. I have self published it and did the cover myself with a stock image I bought. I feel it's not good enough though. I am not willing to pay for this one, but will be for the sequels if it improves sales due to the cover.

2. Book Cover

I am currently writing some more stuff that I will self publish as well, and really want some good book covers for it, I am willing to pay for this. It is planned to be a 15 book series, roughly between 150-200 pages each, target ages 10-16, male. It is divided into 5 sections of 3 books each, with each section focusing on a different character on the 'good guys' side. The story will flow from start to finish though. What I was thinking for this was having 3 pictures done, then slice each picture into 3 and have 1 part on each cover. Something like a character shot, a landscape, and an action shot. I'll explain more about the writing further down. I am hoping to release the first one in the next few months.

3. Collaborating Artist

It will not be paid, but I also would not be pushing for time. I am interested in whether anyone would like to turn my writing into a manga. I can have a go at a name if you'd like, but I would rather speak with someone who can take what I have written and imagine it on their own, stretch it out as required, condense it where required, etc. I'll explain the story more in depth in a minute. Though if we in any way make money from the manga then I would be more than willing to split it evenly among the contributors.

4. Collaborating Write/Translator

I'd like to translate this across to Japanese, the same one I have spoken about in 2 and 3. I won't offer any up front/hourly/daily/page payments. I want someone who wants to be part of the work. Bounce ideas off, make changes so that it works in both language equally well, and translate it into Japanese in a way that conveys it correctly, not just word for word. And I am sure that's the kind of translation people want on this website. And by 'equally part of' I mean have both names on the cover, have copyright under both names, make decisions about releasing it together (either trying to a more traditional release or releasing as a self published ebook as I currently plan) and sharing equally anything made from it. If this is the kind of thing that interests you, then speak with me, go ahead.

Anyway, probably should explain the story now, eh?


GEMZ: The Chronicles of Le'Tayah (will change as needed)

You could probably google that and find a sample of what I have written for it. I plan on redoing what I have already done from scratch though, as I have adjusted the story slightly since I wrote that.


Fantasy, Action

About the world:

It is different from ours. I will give a full breakdown to anyone that wishes to collab on this, but I will do a brief one here. It is smaller, it rotates around the sun differently, it's axis of rotation points at the sun so there is no 'night'. There are a lot less people, more like europe sized than world sized. Still, there are a number of our cultures displayed through the different people. Since it spins differently, the back of the world is perpetually cold and dark, whilst the point closest to the sun is scorching hot. 7 towers have been erected, each with a massive crystal on top, 1 at either end and 5 around the equator. Sun goes in the top one, relays to the equatorial ones, then goes into the bottom one where it is dispersed as light and heat to the dark side of the world. Not enough heat to make the snow melt, but enough to make it habitable.


There is more power going into the top crystal than it can disperse and regularly it shoots off energised bits of crystal which land somewhere in the world. These are then used as a power source for everyday life, powering everything from lights, to vehicles to weapons. There is a black market for them, and regulating authority (read - bunch of stuck up pigs) and hunters who look for them. They won't run out of power, but there is a limit to what they can power. They are ranked by a system called Rayz, where the sun is worth 1 million Rayz. Everyday use Gemz usually rank 10 Rayz and lower. There are however 15 special Gemz. 5 of which rank roughly 500 000 Rayz, and 10 whcih rank roughly 250 000 Rayz. These can be explained more if someone wants to do the work.

Brief History:

Not that long ago, I am thinking maybe 6 generations, there was a massive war between the agents of light and the agents of shadow. And during this time the basis for all current technology was produced, the Gemz. Eventually the light won, and the 5 shadow mages were locked within a magic vault under the Darkward Crystal, and the 5 light mages chose to lock themselves within a similar vault at the Sunward Crystal. This brought an end to the war. It also brought an end to magic, though there are still magic relics out there. Magic itself is now banned, what the people of this place generally use are elemental powers which are not considered magic, and magic is manipulating something to be something it should not be.

During this time people who used magic created 2 new races of super humans. Gen'rals and Wyn'drels. Both of these have a symbiote like substance within them that materialises in different ways. For Gen'rals it is as armour, for Wyn'drels it is wings. Since the ban on magic they are hunted down and killed. Through interbreeding and hiding their powers most don't even know they are one or are too weak to use the power.


Everyone uses elements, or has the ability to if they train. It is mainly used in fighting and does not have a major practical use outside of fighting. There are 5 and certain ones are more common. Mixing the elements is strictly banned as the strain on the body will cause it to breakdown, still some attempt it and are hated because of it. The main character comes from the rarest water element.

Each of the towers around the equator is based after an element and is also protected from intrusion by a combination of magic and the elements.


Ok, here comes the complicated part, or maybe after reading the rest you think this will be the easy part.

The basic of it are that the shadow mages are trying to break free, supposedly to continue what they started 6 generations ago. There are 5 good guys and 5 bad guys, each representing the 5 elements and each has each a light or shadow weapon based on the elements (the 10 250K Gemz) which only activates when held by the person it has chosen.

The story starts with one of the those 500K Gemz being taken from it's resting place in the Earth tower, causing the 'Clock Line' to collapse (the line joining the top and bottom crystals) and a transport ship using the line as energy crashes to the ground. It is here that we meet 2 of the protagonists and 1 antagonist, then progress from there. The antagonist knows what he is, but the protagonists do not. It is also the start of a kind of love triangle I want to bring into the story between the three.

The first set will be based around Water, then Nature, then Earth, then Wind and finally Fire. I know this bit sounds similar to Avatar, but I am not planning on calling them "Book of Fire" or anything, just having the story based mostly around the protagonist of that element.

I can go into more depth with the storyline, looking into what happens in future books, if someone wishes to take any of this one.

As stated, PM me if you are at all interested in anything. Or you could post below. Feel free to ask me anything.

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Re: Seeking Artists - Fantasy

Post by Ohenoki » Sun Oct 18, 2015 12:43 pm

completely forgot I had done this.

Anyway, how about I update this.

1. This one was sorted. Check it out here.

2. I got this one sorted too. I wrote the first one and self published it here, FREE!

4. Yes, I skipped to 4 already. Not really concerned about this.

3. Right, this got interesting!

I managed to get an artist. And have so far put 5 chapters up on Tapastic! Look, I am still doing this for free, and I know people aren't going to draw heaps for free. So I have been doing it a bit at a time with different artists. I have up to chapter 8 sorted for artists. But am always interested in getting more chapters lined up so people can take their time on getting things done. If anyone is interested, drop me a line.

Catch it at GemZ on Tapastic

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