WIP Manga "Hijacked"

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WIP Manga "Hijacked"

Post by jeriokelive » Tue Feb 18, 2014 11:54 pm

I apologize if this is redundant, but I just realized that this may have been the appropriate area for this link (instead of the writer's area?) If not, please delete and let me know.

In regards to a synopsis, a group of friends are members of a guild completing missions in a world where a MMORPG has taken over reality. This isn't characters in virtual reality, but something has hijacked our reality and forces everyone to play along to some extent. It explores what kind of world we would live in if that was to happen.

https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=F ... ile%2c.pdf

This is a very VERY rough draft of the first chapter. I am about as prepared for critiques on the story as I can be.

I tend to be very hard on myself and want to say "take it easy on me," however, I want honest critiques. Fire away.

Please understand that there are stick figures in some panels and really crappy art in others. I wasn't focusing on art here. What I have was originally just to get my thoughts down. I'll be working on the art next.
I hate that my head is burning with images of the next chapter already. It would be great if I could find someone willing to take over the art and collaborate with me (I would still want to do a story board like this to make sure we were on the same page.) Such an artist would need to be good with fight scenes, but comfortable with a multi-genre format. My style is more shoujo (spelling) and I have quite a few ladies in my small fan-base. The fact that I have a small following already =) feels good.

I get a good enough response, I'll be throwing it on kick-start to see if I can get a budget. if I hear from the majority, that the story isn't worth it... than I will continue it on my own.

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