It's a Read'n'Draw time!

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It's a Read'n'Draw time!

Post by Tjanggou » Thu Jan 28, 2010 3:54 pm

Hello, everyone! I've got a little offer for those who like turnin' fantasy stories into Anime/Manga fantasy stories!
Me and my beloved girl, we are amateur writers and recently we started writing a fantasy book, which is gonna become quite a big thing rather soon! We both love anime and manga and, therefore, would like our story to be drawn. Here is a small piece of text, just to show the story's basic line:
"This world, one of the myriad worlds, suffered from incessant wars and strife among the four species: Vampires, Beasts, Demons and human beings for nearly one hundred and twenty years. Human beings fought mainly for survival. During the war, several tribal clans were totally carved, several dozens of settlements were burned to ashes. But in the end, as it always happens, the parties understood that the war would destroy them all, so, they concluded the "Perpetual Peace" pact, which divided the world into four vast territories. However, the tension between the species didn't not pass at all. At the human lands, an organization calling itself "The Order of the Inquisition" formed, they announced to hunt vampires, demons and beasts, who kept living on the human lands. "Abominations", as they called them, had no other choice exept hiding in fortified asylums - ancestral vampire clans' estates. One of these shelters was the Nosferatu clan's estate. This vampire clan was almost exterminated during the war and headed now by one of the last representatives of its blood, named Ten."

So, if you got interested, please email me at

Thanks a lot! :D

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