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Post by dawood1 » Sat Nov 28, 2009 4:25 am

sup everyone me and three other people are making a manga just for fun.. we are short of artists.. ... we currently have a really good manga on the pipeline... and have already started a few pages of the first chapter..

this is a long term commitment.. however i doubt it would take up much of your time.. lol..

if anyone is interest please get in touch! my email address:

here are some of the characters and a few pages from the manga

Name of manga: Adamas Chronicles

Story brief:
There is a legend from eons past of four crystals that keep the universe in order. according to legend anyone who posses these crystals will gain great power. so 1 is good 2 is better and all 5 your pretty much invincible. to harness the crystals power to must keep them on your person. back in present times there are three groups of extraordinary people. two good groups and one bad groups. the two good groups while always keeping the good of mankind as there goal often disagree with each other over this and that. so at the beginning of the story they are in a bit of a skirmish. the evil group lead by King Noch (it was noch right?) are confronted by a mysterious pair of twins who call themselves the keepers. the keepers reveal to Noch and the evil group that the crystals of myth are indeed real. so the evil group sets out to find the crystals which are scattered throughout the world. it is at this point that the keepers, now appearing a neutral figures in the conflict, confront the good groups and convince them to stop fighting so they can stop the evil group from collecting the crystals. (i should mention the twins confronting the evil group is all off screen and unknown until later on in the story, so for now the audience is thinking that Noch is acting on his own accord.) so the good groups decided to join together and stop noch. after a little while of trying to collect the crystals for themselves. the evil group and the good group face off. it is during this battle that the twins reveal their true identities too both the good group and the evil group. it is at this point the twins remove king noch from the picture. (either they kill him or make him into this mindless killing machine by removing parts of his brain) at the end of the battle when trying to escape. Lin Yang. ( a character in the evil group) is injured but when she tries to leave with the rest of the evil group one of the twins "kill" her because she is now useless. in reality she is somehow sent back to the dimension she originally came from. (ill figure out the physics later. it will kinda be like when Bu screamed his way out of the time chamber in dragon ball Z) while shes in the alternate dimension she will learn some new tricks and increase her power but she will also become unstable. (like nitroglycerin). during this time both the good and the evil groups fall back to make a plan to grab the remaining crystals. after the plans have been put into action both sides have a few crystals. final battle time. during the battle Lin shows back up. she was blinded when she was killed but she has developed a way to see using energy. (or something like that.) shes not good now but she is pissed and out for revenge. final battle final battle. good guys win. life goes on.

here are the pages of the story we have done so far

and here are the character desgins a few still need changing

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Post by gatrosk » Sat Nov 28, 2009 7:09 am

Lookin good man. Unfortunately I'm pretty swamped with school lately. But props for actually providing a sufficient amount of information and characters and page roughs. A lot of people come here with just a half a paragraph worth of vague information to go off of.

Good luck! :]
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Post by R0B3R7 » Sat Nov 28, 2009 6:57 pm

why don't you guys just try to draw it yourself?
if you're looking to improve your drawing skills as well, it might be killing two birds with one stone :]
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Post by Dr. Vibe » Sat Nov 28, 2009 8:51 pm

hmm... i'll help... if you want me.

i don't have any good paper yet, and i'm not sure if i'm this good... but then again, i think my music sucks too...

anyways, if you wanna check my stuff it's Doodles by the Doctor in the Art forums, and i'll get some blank paper soon, so if you think i can help then i'll do it =)
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Post by draxoh » Fri Dec 04, 2009 7:22 am

I'm interested!
Check out my gallery to see if you like anything then.

Oh and while I'm not currently doing anythign for free...
I can go with low prices if you think it's ok.

Anyway here's my gallery:

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