Looking for a Manga Artist for a submission to Tokyopop

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Looking for a Manga Artist for a submission to Tokyopop

Post by Naitome-kun » Sat Nov 07, 2009 2:01 am

Not that Tokyopop is the only place i'm submitting, but i figure it's a good place to start.

Title: Future Sea
Genre: Shonen/Pirate tale covering themes of revenge, familial loss, courage, and overcoming insurmountable odds, running somewhere along the same lines as the hype manga like Naruto, One Piece, and Ghost In The Shell generate, but with different ideas/ideals taking the forefront.
Planned Run: As long and healthy of a series as i can possibly provide (Though i admit i've got a finale planned out, i have no idea how far away it occurs from the pace of the story).
Synopsis: Son of a widowed marine biologist, 15 yr. old Jinu Obore is accidentally transported to a strange steampunk world dominated by an ocean connecting every possible future and finds himself indebted to the beautiful pirate Otoko Masari,as he becomes a part of her crew in search of the eight treasures of the demon Tamakizu.

I'm basically looking for an artist willing to work with a writer who isn't the richest in the world. A majority of the pay would be contingent on the proposal getting picked up by a publisher, but in the event that it flops and i am told to hang up my pen and never write such horrifying stories ever again, you would still be paid for your efforts. In the meantime, i'd like to foster a collaborative effort that could contribute to what i believe is a really great manga waiting to happen. If i get any amount of extra money whatsoever, it will be thrown your way as incentive, but as of the moment, i can't offer much in the way of payment other than promises. :wink:

Ability to draw fight scenes are a big plus, as well as someone with a positive attitude. I'd even be able to help with some of the art chores, If and when it is picked up by a publisher, i'd imagine it would become a pretty significant ongoing job full of fan girls and convention appearances and future t.v. shows.

Contact me with a reply here or at


hope to hear from you soon.

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Post by Ceta » Tue Nov 10, 2009 12:37 pm

You really need to choose more pirate-sounding names, not Japanese sounding ones. I'm pretty sure that Tokyopop allows for Western names as long as the art style is Eastern. While I don't know if you know what their names mean in Japanese, if you don't know, the meanings are pretty ridiculous. (FYI, the demon's name is the worse of them all; I laughed when I saw it.) Seriously, it's like having a ninja as the main character of a non-slapstick/gag series running around with the name "Captain Skunkbeard" (or something similarly idiotic). Simply put, it just doesn't work.

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Post by FirstBorn » Tue Nov 10, 2009 1:44 pm

Ceta wrote:(FYI, the demon's name is the worse of them all; I laughed when I saw it.)
Doesn't "tamakizu" mean "bullet wound" or something? That would be funny. In a slapstick kind of way. ^_^;;


Post by Naitome-kun » Tue Nov 10, 2009 5:46 pm

it's really not to be snappy but let me clarify a few things,
(a)i don't 'need' to do anything, you can't give me advice for what would be more successful, because simply put, you're not successful.
(b)oborejinu is a perfectly fitting name for the main character, who essentally drowns just to become a part of the main narratve.
(c)do i need to point out the naming structure of some of the most popular manga to date? Mokey D. Luffy isn't silly? Or better put, Sasuke Uchiha? "Generic ninja name" and "fan"? Haru No Sakura? How many cherry blossoms are there? Vegeta? Named after vegetables. 'Bullet Wound' isn't any more valid or ridiculous or prone to success as Blackbeard or Gol D. Roger. And he's named Tamakizu based off of his physical description, which i have no reason to divulge the entire nature of here.
(d)Otoko Masari seems silly? If you know what that means, then you understand why a female character whose physically and spiritually stronger than the others and the captain of a crew might have that name. Wait till you ge a load of the largest crew member. His name is Danji Kujira. That's right, Whale-Boy. Cause he's big.
(e)SURPRISE! I'M the writer! I can name them all Pissypants McFartandVaginaScats if i feel like it.

If that was your attempt at constructive criticism, thanks, but no thanks. I can understand you Personally not liking it, and that's your right, but i promise you, i don't care what YOU personally don't like, unless you've got a pencil in your hand and you'r willing to contribute.

(f)The US Army taught me fluent japanese which i've spoke for 12 years now.

a random ninja

Post by a random ninja » Tue Nov 10, 2009 6:08 pm

way to not be snappy. how do you know he's not successful?

and, by the way, i hear tokyopop likes to royally screw people over.

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Post by gatrosk » Tue Nov 10, 2009 6:42 pm

I heard you came here asking us for our opinions. So if you don't like them stfu. :]
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Post by a random ninja » Tue Nov 10, 2009 7:01 pm

well actually i think he came looking for an artist more than opinions, but...still, i agree with that last part.

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Post by R0B3R7 » Wed Nov 11, 2009 1:44 am

hey man, you don't have to be so pissypantsmcfartandvaginascantsififeellikeit on ceta.

he was just giving his opinion. and it's most likely helpful, he tends to know his stuff. he also kind of lives in japan and is simply sick of sakura no terryoki otaku poop
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Post by Ceta » Wed Nov 11, 2009 12:27 pm

FirstBorn wrote:Doesn't "tamakizu" mean "bullet wound" or something?
It does. =P
R0B3R7 wrote:and is simply sick of sakura no terryoki otaku poop

:?: What? :?:

@Naitome-chan: You're probably better off looking for an artist on Tokyopop since you've managed to eliminate your chances here with that attitude of yours. Having read your reply, I can definitely say I would never want to work with you. That aside, ARN is correct in his statement that Tokyopop really likes to screw people over, much to the point that sticking your dick in a blender and hitting 'Frappe' is considered to be much less painful. Should you go the route of other companies, your success rate may lower significantly (depending on the company) if you wish to continue using the naming system you have since a majority of the companies out there prefer Western names over Eastern ones. Despite the fact that you are the writer, the company will make certain demands of you regardless of whether you like it or not because, like any company, they are looking to make a profit. If you wish to continue being a douchebag, that's fine with me; it's your ass that's on the line, not mine.

Anyway, this discussion is closed. If anyone wishes to contact Naitome-chan about his project, you can write to him at the e-mail address provided.



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