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Writer Looking for Artist - Details & Contact Info

Post by eblingdp » Thu Jun 04, 2009 8:59 am


My name is Daniel Ebling. I am an American, living in Los Angeles, CA. I do not speak or read Japanese, yet I am fascinated with manga. I am an English major in college and am working on writing a number of different works, including academic works, fiction works, and poetic works. I recently began working on a story that I believe would be best expressed in manga form.

I am interested in forming a team with an amateur mangaka who would be willing to severely depart from the tradition of "true Japanese manga" and work with me on writing a manga in English. I realize that this is an unusual request, but if there is anyone who would be interested in this project nevertheless, I believe my story is of great enough caliber to be both successful and uniquely captivating.

If anyone here at mangaworkshop is interested in this proposition, please send me an e-mail at: eblingdp@gmail.com

I will be able to provide you with the title of the manga, a synopsis of the plot, a larger plot outline, character descriptions (of both physical features and personalities), and a sample chapter, as well as a few rough sketches I have done myself.

This is my first attempt at writing any type of manga, and I am well aware of my potential shortcomings; yet, I am also very open to constructive criticism. I realize that it is often suggested of newcomers to the manga genre to begin with a short work; just to inform any potentially interested individuals--this would be anything but a short work. From my observations from reading manga, the plot I have developed thus far is anywhere from 50-100 chapters worth, so if you are interested, but not up for that, feel free to contact me anyway, but realize that unless I can persuade you into such dedication, I will probably need to respectfully decline your services.


Daniel Ebling

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Post by Dustin C. » Thu Jun 04, 2009 3:04 pm

Hey Daniel,
Your proposal is very enticing and I would definitely like to work with you if I could. Unfortunatly I am swamped with my own college work and cannot dedicate myself such a large project.
However if you would ever want to work together on other projects one day, I'd be happy to team up with you! ^_^

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