Artist Needed For Youtube Banner and Profile Art!

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Artist Needed For Youtube Banner and Profile Art!

Post by RainicornSings » Mon Jul 15, 2013 8:50 pm

Hey y'all! I'm going to be performing on youtube (singing) and I don't have the tools needed to do a banner or profile pic. Otherwise I wouldn't be here. But alas, I need your help!

My Channel is called RainicornSings, and so I need a bright, rainbow theme!
I'd like an anime styled one, but not necessarily an Adventure Time theme. I'd really like a super bright sparkly type theme, with a humanized Rainicorn for the profile pic. Ideally, the Rainicorn would be very pale, with light blonde hair, and streaks/ends done in rainbow colors, with light blue eyes. The Profile pic would be a from head to about the bust. The Banner would feature her in full body length, preferably on the right side sitting or laying down, but not taking up the whole banner. The backround would be very bright with lots of colors. The backround design is up to the artist, but I'd prefer a really cutesy one.

I'd like it to be finished within a month of bring assigned. I won't have my mic for a month, maybe two, so I think that's plenty of time even for spare-time artists :)
The artist would be credited, and would be called upon for any needed artwork for some songs. Basically, any song that I don't have an mv for will be redone in Rainicorn fashion based off of the original artwork. All accounts for their art (such as tumblr, deviantart, youtube, the like) will be linked in the about section and in pertinent videos.

To summarize, I need a head to bust pic of a beautiful human Rainicorn, and a banner featuring a full body of the same.

Please send a sample of your work! I don't need like, a GODLY artist, but I need a fairly good one. I intend to take my channel to the top, and need to look the part.

The rainicorn would preferably wear a rainbow gyaru/Lolita dress. However, I don't want her to fade into the backround on the banner.

Thank you very much!

*quicky about me*

I will be singing mostly vocaloid and anime songs, with some of my favorite English songs!

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