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Arekkusa selfportrait
Basic info
Nickname: Arekkusa
Age: 14
Sex: female
Email: Member wishes not to show emailaddress
Member since: 2005-11-06
Uploaded: 2005-11-13 17:30:47
this is just a "sloppy copy" drawing i did in school when i was supposed to be taking history notes.. i don't know whether it could classified as an anime/manga drawing.. i haven't really gotten the eyes down yet..
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Uploaded: 2005-11-13 09:21:48
Again, no legs. You will most likely never see any of my drawings with legs. Anycrap, the woman in the picture is supposed to look like she is walking in water. I think i saw this woman in a scene from InuYasha or some other television show of the sort.
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Uploaded: 2005-11-13 09:16:54
This drawing is at and awkward angle due to the fact that i cannot draw legs. i purposely drew her at the edge of the paper, in order to avoid the noticability of her missing legs. The cutout would not scan properly, however, and i was forced to glue it onto a seperate sheet of paper, leaving the cutoff legs.
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