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angel_girl selfportrait
Basic info
Nickname: angel_girl
Age: 21
Sex: N/A
Email: Member wishes not to show emailaddress
Member since: 2005-06-06
Uploaded: 2007-02-10 11:34:43
i like this one.. angel^^
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Uploaded: 2007-02-10 11:33:04
fanart for chico:D (old drawing hihi)
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Uploaded: 2007-02-10 11:25:18
hihi...dressed up Rinoa Lamoen^^
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Uploaded: 2005-10-28 14:16:19
Just something i have drawn today^^ the hair is a bit weird still but i'm going to fix it... and i lightly drew the hair when there wind... C&Cplz
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Uploaded: 2005-09-18 07:24:08
HELP!! I am working on this pic but i like always mess up the hair. I wonderd if you guys could help me out? P.S My scanner is nog so good so there are black dots on the pic..srry about that-_-;
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Uploaded: 2005-09-11 06:33:03
this pic is not finished yet but chico wanted me to put someting on here so...
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Uploaded: 2005-06-06 04:38:37
This is Amira. A new chara of mine. But there's still someting wrong with this picture but i can't realy figure out what. Can you guys help me out?
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