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Second Collaborate Manga

This is the second collaborate manga at MWS started by vanSidg and Kasage. More information will follow as the manga progresses.


Sci-Fi meets Magic. An experimental genre. The story takes place on two planets. A modern and an "ancient" one. This will give a certain tension to the plot.

Main Characters

There is no maximum number of main characters (good or evil).
Main characters so far:

Joshua Tucker
Major Cain Rantarr

Number of pages

The minimum number of pages to be drawn, has been set to 3.

Time limit

Every artist has 3 weeks to draw at least 3 pages.

Name From Till
vanSidg Complete
Kasage Complete
FirstBorn To be calculated...
Dai-J-To To be calculated...


  • Try to use the existing characters. Only add a new one if really REALLY necessary.
  • Stick to civil language.
  • Don't mess up the story, there are still artist who want to have fun after you.
  • Don't be an ass.


    Page 1 (vanSidg)
    Page 2 (vanSidg)
    Page 3 (vanSidg)
    Page 4 (Kasage)
    Page 5 (Kasage)
    Page 6 (Kasage)
    Page 7 (Kasage)