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Collaborate Manga / Chain Comic

This is the first of many big projects Mangaworkshop will start. The collaborate manga (or chain comic as some call it) is a manga made by many artists. Every artist will draw around 3 pages using the existing characters and plot. He or she may add characters or alter the plot as long as the result is good enough for the next artist to continue. This page contains the story, characters, rules, pages and other information so far. Everything you need to know to continue the story or to enjoy it.


Medieval / Sword & Magic / Dungeons & Dragons / RPG.

Q. Why this genre?
A. Because it's a genre that everyone knows. (We've all played at least one RPG, right?) Furthermore, an RPG has many plottwists and adds more characters over time. These are the same elements of a collaborate manga.


The world has faced a terrifying worldwar. Almost everything that nature and mankind has ever made, was brought to dust. Only a few survived. These survivors banned the ways of electronics and hi-tech machinery and embraced the old ways.

After many years, the world started to bloom once more and people rediscovered magic. Because machinery was still banned, people fought with swords. But others who seeked power, tried to find the long lost machinery and weapons using the ones they already found. This struggle for power is consuming the world.

Main Characters

There is no maximum number of main characters (good or evil).

Number of pages

Try to draw around 3 pages. More is okay, just don't try to draw less, 'cause it's hard to keep the story going in less then 2 pages.

Time limit

Every artist has 3 weeks to draw his/her pages and not a day more. We've become very strict due to the many cancelations we had in the past. If you send in your pages too late (even if it's just one day), your pages will not be put online, but the next artist will be given his/her turn. If you think you need some extra time, email us with a very good reason.

How to apply

When the collab needs a new artist, we will post a thread on the forum in the Collaborate Manga section. The first one to reply gets to be the next artist, unless:
* there is a person that applied and never had a turn before;
* every person that applied already took a turn in the collab manga. The one that didn't draw for the longest time gets to be the artist.

Where to send the pages

If you finished your pages, send them to


  • The Main Characters stay alive at all cost, unless the story really demands it.
  • The Main Characters keep there name / (optional) powers / etc at all cost, unless the story really demands it.
  • New characters may be added to the story, but they can't replace a main character.
  • No hentai / ecchi. A bit of erotica is permitted, but keep it clean.
  • Mind you language. No swearing. (Baka / Moron / Idiot is okay. Mother***er / B*tch / etc is not!)
  • All text is in English. Use of Japanese words is okay.
  • Don't mess up the story too much, and make sure the next artist can continue were you left.


    Page 1 (Zeiroid)
    Page 2 (Zeiroid)
    Page 3 (Zeiroid)
    Page 4 (FirstBorn)
    Page 5 (FirstBorn)
    Page 6 (FirstBorn)
    Page 7 (Bookie-Chan)
    Page 8 (Bookie-Chan)
    Page 9 (Bookie-Chan)
    Page 10 (Bookie-Chan)
    Page 11 (Kasage)
    Page 12 (Kasage)
    Page 13 (Kasage)
    Page 14 (Daijto)
    Page 15 (Daijto)
    Page 16 (Daijto)
    Page 17 (Daijto)
    Page 18 (Daijto)
    Page 19 (Akaineko)
    Page 20 (Akaineko)
    Page 21 (Akaineko)
    Page 22 (Akaineko)
    Page 23 (Mirage Maiden)
    Page 24 (Mirage Maiden)
    Page 25 (Mirage Maiden)
    Page 26 (Mirage Maiden)
    Page 27 (Mirage Maiden)
    Page 28 (Mirage Maiden)
    Page 29 (Mirage Maiden)
    Page 30 (Sum Random Loser)
    Page 31 (Sum Random Loser)
    Page 32 (Sum Random Loser)
    Page 33 (WanderWeird)
    Page 34 (WanderWeird)
    Page 35 (WanderWeird)
    Page 36 (KaYu)
    Page 37 (KaYu)
    Page 38 (KaYu)
    Page 39 (Akaisato)
    Page 40 (Akaisato)
    Page 41 (Akaisato)
    Page 42 (Akaisato)
    Page 43 (Akaisato)
    Page 44 (Akaisato)
    Page 45 (Sas / Sacha)
    Page 46 (Sas / Sacha)
    Page 47 (Sas / Sacha)
    Page 48 (Sas / Sacha)
    Page 49 (Sas / Sacha)
    Page 50 (Studio Rain)
    Page 51 (Studio Rain)
    Page 52 (Studio Rain)
    Page 53 (Studio Rain)