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Digimonstory Cybersleuth Heads West in 2016 (2015-07-03 01:30:00)
New info on Tales of Zestiria, Sword Art Online games also detailed [ More ]
Tokyopop Plans Manga Publishing Relaunch, More Projects (2015-07-03 01:00:00)
Tokyopop announced at its Anime Expo panel on Thursday that it is planning to begin publishing manga again in 2016. The company is seeking to license "hidden... [ More ]
Vertical Adds Attack on Titan: Lost Girls Novel, Nichijō, FukuFuku: Kitten Tales Manga (2015-07-03 00:30:00)
Sushi Chef Sukiyabashi Jiro book by acclaimed chef Jiro Ono also licensed [ More ]

[2013-09-20] I just send out a mailing to all forum members. Unfortunately 299 members changed emailaddress and 3 unsubscribed, so I was forced to delete 302 members from the forum.
[2013-09-20] After checking the 302 forum members emailaddresses to the main page accounts, another 39 members were "leaving". T_T
[2013-09-19] Finally I was able to remove all spam today. Thank you Ceta for pointing this out and helping me out.
[2013-09-18] Thank you Vio for pointing out that the login and the uploading of art didn't work. I was able to fix that.